Rules and Regulations

  • Choice to submit in either WEB COMIC or PAPER PRINT format.
  • Setting/Concept Write-up of comic. (Not exceeding 500 words.)
  • All submissions must be original, unprinted, unpublished and unlicensed work.
  • All submissions CANNOT contain elements that are overly gory, bloody, religious, political and/or sexual.
  • All submissions must be submitted either in English, Chinese and/or Malay.
  • Setting/Concept Write-up of comic must be in either DOC/DOCX or ODF file formats in Arial, font size 12 and the spacing value of 1.5.
  • Any submissions with dialog must be submitted with an additional version without dialog.
  • Texts in the speech bubbles have to be typed in digitally, no handwriting allowed.
  • All image submissions must be in JPG format, with maximum quality selected.
  • All submissions must be presented (to be read) from left-to-right.
  • All finalists must be able to attend Comic Fiesta 2020 Day 2 (to be confirmed) for:
    • Critique session with the judges.
    • Prize giving ceremony.
    • Width: 2,400 pixel
    • Height: Flexible
    • 1 coloured title panel.
    • Approximately 5-6 panels per file.
    • Minimum 80 panels; Maximum 140 panels.

    • A4 size, 2480px * 3508px, 300ppi
    • 1 coloured title cover page.
    • 16-21 page comic.
    • Minimum 17 pages; Maximum 22 pages. Including the cover page.

    Cash Prize of RM 3,000 + Comic Study Trip (1 pax)
    In the event that there is no comic study trip, the cash prize will be increased to RM 5,000.
    Cash Prize of RM 1,000 + Comic Study Trip (1 pax)
    In the event that there is no comic study trip, the cash prize will be increased to RM 3,000.
    BEST ART – Cash Prize of RM 250
    BEST STORYTELLING – Cash Prize of RM 250
    Cash Prize of RM 250

All finalists will be given Certificate of Accomplishment as well.

  • Artwork and Presentation: 40%
  • Concept and Storytelling: 60%
  • TOTAL: 100%

  • All submissions will go through two (2) levels of judging:
    • Preliminary, where 10 finalists will be selected by a panel of local judges.
    • Finals, where placing is confirmed by a panel of international judges.
  • The decisions of the judges are final. Any complaints will not be entertained.
  • All finalists will be given two (2) days of free entry to Comic Fiesta 2020 (to be confirmed).
  • Finalists will be required to attend Day 2 (the second day) of Comic Fiesta 2020 (to be confirmed) for a critique session with the judges as well as the prize giving session.
  • Finalists will be confirmed and notified through email by end of November 2020.

  • Participation to the challenge is open to Malaysians only.
  • All submissions must be accompanied by a completed entry form.
  • Any one (1) artist will only be eligible for one (1) prize. If an artist wins for more than one (1), only one will be awarded to him/her by the organizer. This excludes Special Mentions. An artist can win prize A, B or C and still be eligible to a Special Mention.
  • By submitting your entry, the organizer for this challenge will reserve the exclusive publishing rights for your submission from the point of submission to 31st December 2021. Otherwise, the copyright of all submissions will remain with its respective submitter.
  • The organizing committee for this challenge reserves the right to disqualify any submission at its own discretion.
  • The organizing committee for this challenge reserves the right to amend and edit the details of this challenge at its own discretion without prior notification.
  • The organiser reserves the right to replace the comic study trip with cash prizes on top of current cash prizes, as stated above.
  • The guided comic study trip will only cover the following for one (1) individual,
    • Accommodations
    • Transportations
    • Guides and Interpreters (If Any)
  • Further details for the trip will only be confirmed after Comic Fiesta 2020 (to be confirmed).
  • In the case of going overseas, winners must have a valid passport with at least six (6) months of validity. Winners also has to make sure they are able to enter the destinated country.
  • Trip participants may not attend the trip again within a 3-year period; should a trip participant win within this period, the trip will automatically be transferred to the next eligible winner.
  • Winners may request for an additional companion for the trip at their own cost.
  • If travelling alone, winners under the age of eighteen (18) must have a signed letter of consent from at least one or more of their parent(s) and/or legal guardian before they can attend the trip.