Just want to make sure, must I be a Malaysian to join this challenge?
Yes, the competition is open to Malaysians only.
Can I join with my friends as a team?
Yes. For that, simply enter your team name under the “pen name” section of the form. Bear in mind, however, that the prizes will only cover the trip for ONE person, so only ONE person from the team will have their trip covered.
But… my friends are foreigners. Can we still join the challenge?
You guys are still allowed to join as long as the team leader is Malaysian.

I see there are two prize options for grand prize and second prize this time, does it mean I can choose either comic study trip or higher cash prize?
No. The higher amount of cash prizes will be given out in case there is no comic study trip. The organiser reserves the right to decide which prize to give away.
Can I bring along another friend?
Yes, but your friend’s trip will not be covered by us. You may pay for your friend if you wish; details on this may be discussed later upon confirmation of the trip.
Err… Actually I do not feel like going to the trip. Can I forfeit the trip?
No worries! You can choose not to join the trip. In which case one of the other finalists will be selected instead.
If I choose not to go to the trip, is it possible to exchange for something else like cash prizes?
Unfortunately, the trip is not exchangeable for cash or other prizes/products.

I still have questions! Is there anyone I can talk to?
Of course there is! Kindly drop us an e-mail to [email protected] with “MCC 2020 Enquiries” at the start of your e-mail subject.